Meghalaya Travel Guide

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Probable Itinerary

  • DAY 01: Transfer to Shillong, NS: Shillong
  • DAY 02: Shillong Sightseeing, NS: Shillong
  • DAY 03: Transfer to Cherrapunji along with Cherrapunji sightseeing, NS: Cherrapunji
  • DAY 04: Transfer to Nongriat (motorable road upto Tyrna), NS: Nongriat
  • DAY 05: Explore Nongriat (Trek to Rainbow Falls and Nohkalikei Falls bottom), NS: Nongriat
  • DAY 06(optional): Transfer to Nongstoin after visiting Mawsynram on way NS: Nongstoin
  • DAY 07(optional): Trek to Nongkhnum Island & back NS: Nongstoin
  • DAY 08: Transfer to Shnongpdeng(Rs. 50 for entering) after visiting Riwai, Mawlynnong & Dawki on way, NS: Shnongpdeng
  • DAY 09: Jowai sightseeing and transfer to Shillong or Guwahati.
    *NS – Night Stay

If you want to visit Dzouku Valley, Nagaland along with it:
DAY 10: Board the Guwahati-Ledo Intercity Express at night to reach Dimapur by early morning.
DAY 11:. Transfer to Kohima, further to Dzouku Valley Point and start trekking, NS: Dzouku Valley Guest House or camp in Dzouku Valley.
DAY 12: You can stay for a day there and trek down the next day or can return that day itself in late afternoon and stay in Kohima or start early and go further to Dimapur and Guwahati as well. You can also continue to Manipur from Dzouku Point.

Top Attractions in Meghalaya

  • You can checkout the map showing various tourist attractions across Meghalaya and click on them to get their details here. Get information on how to reach this beautiful state here. Get information on Trekking, Caving, river cannoing, waterfalls, wildlife across Meghalaya here.
  • Major attractions in Shillong includes Umiam Lake, Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak(Wednesday closed), Don Bosco Museum, Wards Lake, Golf Course, Thangsning Falls, Laitnum Canyons, Sweet Falls, etc.
  • Major attractions in Cherrapunji includes Mawkdok Valley View Point, Wah Kaba Falls, Arwah Cave, Dainthlen Falls, Wei Sawdong Waterfalls, Nohkalikei Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls(Seven Sister Falls), Eco Park, Mawsmai Caves.
  • Major attractions in Jowai includes Moopun Falls
  • Mawryngkhang Trek or Bamboo Trail – On way from Shillong to Dawki, take a right turn from Pomlum & a 14 kms drive will take you to Wankhen from where the trek starts & can be done in a day & returned if started early.
  • If you want to trek the David Scott Trail, you can contact Mr. Banshan (8837423443) who is a local trekking guide there and can also arrange accommodation and fooding for you.
  • Other attractions: Dawki, Shnongpdeng (Rs.50 for entering), Mawlynnong, Mawphlang Sacred Grove, Mawjymbuin Caves, stay in Mawlyngbna, Krem Liat Prah cave, Nongmahir, Nongkhnum Island(trek from Nongstoin)

MTDC Conducted Tours

Meghalaya Tourism Development Corporation(MTDC) organises conducted city sightseeing tours around Shillong to important tourist attractions. They also conduct such tours to Cherrapunji, Dawki, Mawsynram, Nartiang and some other places in their buses from Shillong. You can checkout the places covered by their tourist buses in a certain destination in the Packaged Tours here. They have a guide who narrates essentials but they do not include food and entry fees to various sites in their packages. As per last information, it cannot be booked online, it’d to be booked from their office or you may ask your hotel to arrange for the bookings. Their office is opposite MTC bus stand near Police Bazaar.

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Car Hires and Car, bikes, scooty Rentals

  • Shillong, Cherrapunji and Dawki local tour can be done by MTDC tour bus or rented scooty or hired car. You can reserve cars for local sightseeing to Shillong, Cherrapunji or Dawki from Police Bazaar. There are a lots of cars there in Police Bazaar and you just have to bargain. Or if you want to prebook cars, you can get some contacts here.
  • Many car rentals are there in town. Among them, one of them is Daplieh Tours. They provides car, bike, scooty rentals, airport drops, cars for sightseeing tours and many other services. You can check their rates and get details here.
  • You can hire cabs from North East Cabs for sightseeing, pick and drop services, etc. You can check them here.

Transportation in Meghalaya

  • i) Shared Sumos and shared cabs are the most popular way to transport between Guwahati and Shillong or Cherrapunji and are available round the clock.
    ii) ASTC AC buses from Guwahati Paltan Bazaar(outside Guwahati Railway Station) to Shillong MTC bus stand: 07:00, 08:00, 08:30. Fare Rs. 135. City AC bus services are there from Guwahati Airport to Paltan Bazaar. Download ASTC app from here. Call ASTC helpline – 1800 345 3986.
    iii) ASTC AC buses from Shillong MTC bus stand to Guwahati Paltan Bazaar: 13:00, 14:00, 15:00. Fare Rs. 135.
  • i) Shared Sumos from Shillong to Cherrapunji are available from Sumo stand in Ïewduh, Shillong.
    ii) Bazaar buses ply during early morning and late afternoon hours from Shillong to Cherrapunji but is not recommended for tourists.
    iii) MTDC tour bus can be availed as you can transfer to Cherrapunji in their comfortable bus and do the sightseeing as well or return back to Shillong. It’ll take around Rs. 350 per person excluding food and entry ticket charges. According to last information, it can’t be booked online. You can contact them at the Meghalay Tourism office just opposite MTC Bus Stand near Police Bazaar.
    iv) You’ll get shared sumos back to Shillong from Cherrpunji.
  • i) There’s a bus around 9-9:30am from Cherrapunji to somewhere via Tyrna. Fare Rs. 20, from where you have to trek down to Nongriat.
    ii) You may be lucky to get a shared cab or else reserved cab may demand around Rs. 400 for 12 kms, from Cherrapunji to Tyrna.
    iii) While returning, you may ask your homestay owner at Nongriat to call a cab which you can board from Tyrna or you may find cabs waiting who’d came with some passengers and waiting for return passengers from Tyrna or else wait from some cab who’d come with some passengers and take you back on his return trip (It is highly recommended to prebook accommodation in Nongriat as we had trouble finding one).
  • i) You can reserve a cab from Tyrna to Shnongpdeng after visiting Dawki.
    ii) You can ask your homestay owner or tent provider at Shnongpdeng(my tent provider phone number is given in accommodation section) to get you a cab back to Shillong or wherever-you-want-to-go after visiting Krang-Suri Falls and Jowai. You can also communicate with other tourists who’ll be going the same way, so you can share your cab expense.
    If you want to visit Dzouku Valley, Nagaland along with it:
  • Board the Guwahati-Ledo Intercity Express at night to reach Dimapur by early morning. Book your tickets here.
  • From Dimapur, take a cab or wait for NST bus till morning(NST Bus Stand is just outside Railway Station) to Kohima from where shared sumos for Dzouku Base Point towards Zakhama leaves. Start your trek to Dzouku Valley. You can get back to Dimapur and Guwahati similarly or continue towards Manipur.
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Foods to try out in Meghalaya

  • While going from Shillong to Cherrapunji, take a break & have some local food at Mylliem, also at Mawkdok specially their Pork/Chicken/Prawn Maggi.
  • Buy local mushrooms, raw honey, locally made biscuits from Cherrapunji market.
  • PB Street Food – Morning(Puri Sabzi, Pitha, Khasi Breakfast), Evening(Chinese, Pork/chicken grill/barbeque, momo, noodles,etc.)
  • Iewduh Burra Bazar Street breakfast – Putharo(made of wheat), Pursao(made of wheat), momo,etc.
  • Jadoh – rice(with blood/without blood) cooked with pork/beef/chicken meat(as heard of best available in Smit Valley)
  • Dohklieh – salad using pork brain as dressing
  • Blood sausage (available in Laitlyngkot, Mylliem) – pork meat mashed with local spices, soaked in pig blood, rolled & smoked
  • Kyat – local rice wine
  • Nakham Bitchi – local fish soup, mostly available in Garo Hills
  • Try their local bamboo shoot pickle, wild flower pickle, dry fish chutney, beef chutney, etc. with main course.
  • Rice cake(dry, try with tea), Pukhlein(rice mixed with jagger & then fried)
  • Sohshang – local fruit
  • Naga Cuisine at Naga Mandarin Restaurant(9615324417) specially the Naga Meal which consists of Pork in Bamboo Shoot, smoked beef chutney, smoked fish curry, pork in black sesame seed, fish chutney, soup, etc.
  • Coffee & pastry at Smoky Falls Tribe Coffee

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My Accommodations

  • You can check accommodations recommended by MTDC here. In Meghalaya, Shillong and Cherrapunji has most hotels and resorts, rest of the state as not so developed had to be stayed in mostly homestays.
  • My stay in Shillong was in Ila’s Travellers Hub. It’s a new hostel in Laitumkhrah, just 3 kms away from Police Bazaar with very clean room and friendly owner.
    Ph.No.: 7308321359 (Mr. Niger, owner), Per bed: Rs. 400.
    However you’ll find a lot of hotels and hostels near Police Bazaar in all range.
  • Our stay in Nongriat was Arnes Wooden Hut. It’d a common dining room and small wooden huts scattered around at a distance in the forest. It’s located just before entering Nongriat on way.
    Ph.No.: 8014780255.
    There’re many other homestays around Nongriat including the famous Serene Homestay. Be sure to prebook.
  • In Shnongpdeng, our tent was provided by Hala Tong Homestay owned is Mr. Manbha Kongwang. It’s located just before the Dawki River bank camping area.
    Ph.No.: 8731096536, 9366067043; Tent for 2 person Rs. 700, and for 3 person Rs. 1000.
    There’re many more homestays and tent providers around.
    If you want to visit Dzouku Valley, Nagaland along with it:
  • In Kohima, you can stay at EcoStay Hostel located near TCP Gate, Kohima. It’s a really cool, colourful, unique and clean hostel with friendly staffs.
    Ph.No.: 7005916834; E-mail:
  • In Dzouku Valley, you can stay at Dzouku Valley Guest House, located 2 kms before the valley on the trail itself. They have two big halls where each person can stay for Rs. 50 per night, but you have to pay for pillows and blankets separately in case you aren’t carrying your sleeping bag. You can also bring a tent and camp in Dzouku Valley itself.

Other Accommodations around Meghalaya

While travelling Meghalaya, travellers’ first stop is usually Shillong & generally prefer to stay near Police Bazaar where a lots of hotels are available, one second option can be Laitumkhrah which is also crowded like PB with markets and a lots of hotels, hostels and restaurants available. It is 4 kms. away from PB. You can check accommodations recommended by MTDC here. In Meghalaya, Shillong and Cherrapunji has most hotels and resorts, rest of the state as not so developed had to be stayed in mostly homestays.

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Upper Range

Middle Range

Lower Range



Upper Range

Medium Range






  • Harud Wahduid Homestay – 8575440446, 9366549809
  • StreamSide Guest House8974053769
  • Sahpyngngad Homestay – 9615724352
  • Lumpyngngad Homestay – book online
  • Kharmawshun Homestay – book online
  • Ha La Rympei Home Stay – 9615823660
  • Dobar Shnong Homestay
  • Ibansara’s Hut – book online
  • Umpohliew Homestay – book online
  • Mawlynnong Bamboo Cottage
  • Kind Heart Homestay
  • Nongrai Homestay – book online
  • Hala Tyngkong Homestay – 9615973768
  • Safi Homestay
  • Lumpyngngad Homestay
  • Cormatin Homestay
  • Bangladesh View Homestay – 9615386060



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